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Shuttle Bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport

Apart from taking the All-Stop-Train, you can also take a Express Shuttle Bus service, Bus 6105, from Incheon Airport to go to Gimpo Airport if you want to enjoy the scenery along the bus route.

How to take Bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport

To take bus 6105 at Incheon Airpot, simply proceed to  Bus Stop 3B or Bus Stop 10A at 1st floor of the terminal building after your arrival. There is a bus departing from here to Gimpo Airport every 15 minutes to 25 minutes

The best aspect of taking Bus 6105 is that it is an express bus service to Gimpo Station, which means after departing from Incheon Airport, it will go straight to Gimpo Airport without stopping at any other stop. Therefore, you do not have to worry about which bus stop or missing the bus station you are suppose to get off. The bus journey from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport is only 40 minutes. Including waiting time at Incheon Airport, you will arrive in Gimpo Airport in about 1 hour. 

The bus ticket fare for bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo airport is only 7,500won for adult passenger and 5,000won for child

Timetable / Schedule for bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport

The first bus 6105 departs to Gimpo Airport from Incheon Airport bus stop 3B at 5:50am early in the morning. This is followed by regular departures every 15 to 25 minutes throughout the day. The last bus departs from Incheon Airport to Gimpo at 11:00pm at night. If you miss the last bus, you should quickly take the train because the last train will depart from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport at 11:57pm near mid night. It is worth noting that there is no bus or train to Gimpo Airport after midnight. You have to wait until 5:23am in the morning for the first train or 5:50am for the first bus leaving to Gimpo Airport. Of course, you can always take a taxi if you do not mind the high taxi fare and mid night surcharge. 

Should you take bus or train to go from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport?

Many people will prefer train than bus. The reason is because the train trip from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport only costs 3,750won compared to 7,500 for bus. Furthermore, it only takes 20-30 minutes to get to Gimpo Airport from Incheon Airport using train. Train is more frequent than bus 6105 too with the maximum waiting time being 15 minutes compared to 25 minutes for bus. 
Despite these, many tourists and travellers still take bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport for a few reasons. First, bus is less confusing than train. To take train from Incheon Airport to Gimpo, you have to BE CAREFUL NOT to MISTAKENLY take the AREX express train from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station. This AREX express train will go direct to Seoul Station and will NOT stop anywhere in between. Instead, you SHOULD TAKE the ALL-STOP-TRAIN that stops at all stations along the way, including Gimpo Airport. The platforms for these two train services are located opposite of each other. Of course, if you take bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport, you will not face this possible confusion. Secondly, some people have more time to spare between their arrival at Incheon Airport and departure at Gimpo Airport to destination such as Jeju Isalnd, In this situation, taking bus is not a bad idea because you can see a lot more along the bus journey even though the time taken is longer. Thirdly, some people have phobia in taking train. In all these cases, taking bus 6105 from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport is a preferred way of transport. 


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  2. Hi I would like to check if to walk from Incheon Airport to the train station to take train to Gimpo will take how long? Noted that it will take 21 mins train ride to Gimpo and thereafter, once reach Gimpo station and walk to departure, it will take how long? Can I say 2 hours will be safe ? Thanks.

    1. hello C.B W,
      In general, you can reserve about 15 minutes for walk to/from train station at Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport. For the train journey including walk to/from station, I think 1 hour is more than enough even if you walk slowly.

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  4. hi. Is there any direct express bus from Ulsan to Gimpo Airport? Please let me know details of this trip. Thanks

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