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Taxi from Incheon Airport to Hongdae (Hongik University Station)

Taking taxi from Incheon International Airport to Hongdae (Hongik University Station) is not as expensive as going to Seoul downtown because Hongdae is actually nearer to Incheon.

Taxi Fare from Incheon Airport to Hongdae

If you are taking a regular taxi at Inchoen Airport, the taxi fare or price to Hongdae is approximately KRW55,000 (KRW= Korea Won) for a flat rate medium taxi based on the information from Incheon Airport website. A regular taxi in Korea can take up to four passengers. If you are travelling in group of four, the average charge per person is less than KRW14,000. 

Where to take taxi at Incheon Airport to go to Hongdae

After arriving at Incheon Airport and cleared border check and baggage collection, just proceed to the taxi stand outside the passenger terminal, which is located just opposite Gate 6, at Taxi Stand 6C
[CLICK TO ENLARGE] Taxi Stand 6C outside Passenger Terminal of Incheon International Airport

Bus 6002 vs All-Stop-Train vs Taxi from Incheon Airport to Hongdae

If you take Bus 6002 from Incheon Airport to go to Hongdae (Hongik University Station), it will cost you only KRW10,000. The time taken is about 50 minutes. Taxi is slightly faster than bus because it does not have to stop at bus stops and can take you to the door step of your destination. The All-Stop-Train from Incheon Airport is the cheapest because the train ticket from Incheon Airport to Hongdae is only KRW4,050 and the time is also slightly faster or similar compared to bus and taxi. However, if you do not stay at hotels near Hongik University Station at Hongdae such as  Hongdae Housetay Guesthouse 2 or Orange Guesthouse Hongdae or going to Hongik University, Hongik University Street, then you may need to walk or take taxi to your final destination after arriving at Hongdae from Incheon via bus or train. So taxi is still be most convenient way to go to Hongdae from Incheon Airport if you have a lot of baggages or are travelling with young children or elderly family members.


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